Replica la articolul Romania’s Anti-Corruption Mania, publicat in The New York Times in data de 4 Martie 2015

100920_new_york_times_building_ap_328Am observat ca s-a discutat azi foarte mult, despre articolul din The New York Times, referitor la coruptia si justitia din Romania. Am citit textul , si au fost cateva lucruri care mi s-au parut nelalocul lor, asa ca am decis sa il corectez un pic pe autor, si sa il ajut cu ceva informatii noi. Da, stiu, aroganta maxima. Am trimis randurile de mai jos pe adresa publicatiei The New York Times, ca replica la articolul Romania’s Anti-Corruption Mania, scris de domnul Patrick Basham. Articolul original aici:

Dear Mr. Basham, I must say I was pleasantly impressed with your article, and I appreciate that it was well documented. I have to ask though, where have you been in the last 10 years? We could have used your point of view, in the years it would have mattered the most. However, I can accept that it is better late than never, right?

I have a few comments though, to your article, and a few points of view, that maybe can correct some of your opinions.

I’ve noticed, that from all of the prosecuted businessmen and public figures, you have only chosen to mention the cases of Dan Adamescu, and Adrian Sarbu, I can’t help myself to wonder why. Maybe because Dan Adamescu was at some point, the employer of your ambassador Mark Gitenstein, and Adrian Sarbu represented the interests of an American media organization? These cases seem clear, and the evidence against them seems to be overwhelming.

I believe there are 2 other cases that are more representative to the abuses of the judicial system during the Basescu era. The conviction of former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase, is one of them. The judges have motivated this conviction with the following statement: “there is no direct evidence that can prove that Nastase had commited a crime, but his conviction is necessary as an example for others”. The other case is that of Media owner Dan Voiculescu. In this case, the judges should have been randomly selected, according to the law, but instead they were appointed by the people of President Basescu. These judges refused to allow the accused to defend himself, by refusing all the attempts of the defense, to bring evidence, or initiate different legal arguments. I believe these 2 cases, are the most representative, in better understanding how Basescu treated his most feared opponents. I must also add, that in my opinion, President Basescu had the ok for arresting these men, from his US partners. If you are interested, you should look into these 2 cases.

You also mention the existence of an anti-American sentiment, fueled by this anti-corruption campaign, that started with the new president, Iohannis. Well, I cannot argue with the fact that such a sentiment exists in the Romanian society, but that is only caused by the US Government itself, and by the support it has shown to President Basescu, during the last 10 years. I find myself forced to remind you, that your ambassador, Mark Gitenstein, was a firm supporter of President Basescu, and very devoted to him, to such extent that he never missed an opportunity to express this support in the media. Also, this ambassador, during a peaceful demonstration of some citizens against the president, made a kind of statement, that can be interpreted as a hidden threat. He said that the people demonstrating in the streets should be grateful they have the freedom to demonstrate, as in Siria, people are getting shot for this. Well, to be honest, if it were up to me, I would have declared this “diplomat” persona non grata, and I would have expelled him from our country, right then and there. I also have to remind you that many politicians and members of the judicial system, were frequent “guests” of the US Embassy, a fact that I don’t think exists anywhere else in the world. And when I say guests, I mean they came there for instructions.

Victoria Nuland visited our country, some weeks ago, and shamelessly left instructions to be followed. This is unacceptable. The politicians may not have the balls to say anything, but the public opinion has.

Your FBI Director also visited us a few days ago, and left us to meditate about 3 names that represent the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), names he said were very good collaborators with the US institutions. Well, it is clearly in the best interest of our country, that those 3 people need to be urgently dismissed from their posts, since they have been accomplices to the abuses of President Basescu. Because of what the US have done in our country in the last 10 years, I cannot trust them, not even one bit. And now you need our trust the most, considering the situation in Ukraine.

The conclusion is, that during the last 10 years, the US have been the strongest supporter of President Basescu, and his oppressive system. The anti-American sentiment is not caused by anyone else, but yourselves. When you will learn to respect your allies, and treat them like friends, instead of treating them like enemies, or slaves, people will accept your presence and authority, but until then, you can expect a lot of opposition and even bad feelings, in regard to your country’s foreign policy. At least, try to maintain appearances. You used to be good at that, but not anymore.

I hope my few thoughts on the matter, may complete yours, if not correct them. In the hope I have added a fresh point of view, that can be useful for your information, I wish you all the best Mr. Basham.

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3 răspunsuri la Replica la articolul Romania’s Anti-Corruption Mania, publicat in The New York Times in data de 4 Martie 2015

  1. Adevaratul turnator Felix zice:

    Baiiiiiii, ma lasi ! Tu esti intreg la minte sau chiar crezi bullshiturile pe care le-ai trimis la ziarul ala banal ? In scrisoarea aia pierduta, ai uitat sa treci pe mentorul sau pe mantuitorul Voiculescu, sa te plangi cat este de abuzat si cat de greu ii este in puscarie. Cum se face ca de la un timp fesenistii sau psd-istii astia infunda puscariile ? O fi un regim de teroare ? O alba neagra cu sufletele lor nevinovate ? Moldoveanule, cand mergi la somn (pari nedormit de ceva ani), stinge televizorul ala sau muta pe un alt canal. Lasa dejectiile de la antene, ca nu-ti fac bine la colesterol .

    • The New York times e banal ha? Sunt curios ce fel de publicatii apreciati voi basistii.
      In ce-l priveste pe profesorul Voiculescu, nu am uitat sa-l mentionez, stai linistit. Si o s-o fac pana afla cat mai multi oameni despre cum e sa intri nevinovat la puscarie. Daca aveai si tu mai mult de 4 clase, ai fi inteles randurile alea in engleza.

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